Here I am!

It seems I've neglected my blog. With all there is to focus on, it should come as no surprise that things fall through the cracks. I enjoy keeping a record of time, being an artist is all about recording. Social media is a daily record but not the same.  Well here I am. Life is full, a couple of applications that I have been working on are moving along, one submitted the other soon. Hopefully followup on that later.

I have been researching west coast corporate buyers for my larger works. Something that used to stress me out I seem handle much better these days. I have help in a  dear friend that understands the challenges of getting the work out. She is a dream.

On the work front, I've been making smaller, abstract works on paper using acrylic. Also revisiting representational work, studies of local flora. Mostly charcoal drawings which will be the inspiration for future paintings. Have a great day!