Site Update, 8/10/17

I've been away from this blog for a while. Currently I am reworking my site and hopefully not screwing it up. Of course it's me so going the cheap route and doing it myself. Anyway, don't wish to belabor the point so I will move on. I've been reading blogposts about search words and where and when to use so I have more of an understanding. Also the labeling of images with search words before even uploading to the site. Prior to this I would label my images the same as if I were sending them to a gallery or Rep....Dumb ass. Anyway knowledge is power, I feel I have a more of a handle on things.

More importantly, White Kitty has been hanging around the house and today he/she walked into the kitchen. I am very excited to have a kitty that I don't have to take care of but can feed a little, hopefully love and he/she will eat my voles/moles/chipmonks. Of which there is no shortage.