Preparing For Studio Visits.

Having had Studio Visits that I have felt, shall we say less than prepared for, after the fact I try to be as ready as possible. 

If a Rep, Interior Designer or Gallerist is bringing someone by there is no discussion of money. My responsibility is to clear the deck and show what they came to see, keeping it simple. 

If I am showing work independent of a Dealer, I need to be super organized. With all the work in my studio it is easy to be distracted so organization is key. The following are my prep guidelines.

1. Water or some refreshment if desired.  

2. Have a select group to view, clearing away clutter. You can always show more if they desire. 

3. Image List with pricing and info. 

4. Bio, cards and Info printed.

5. Guest Book. Request that they sign in with email. 

Put yourself in the shoes of a person visiting a new place imagine how they feel. The idea is to be welcoming and make the visitor comfortable. They already like your work presumably or they wouldn't be there. 

This weekend September 17 & 18th I am participating in the Artist Alliance of East Hampton (AAEH) 2016 Open Studio Tour. Most of what I am offering will be affordable small works on paper. With a large selection to choose from, each work in a cellophane sleeve. The different sizes: 4x5, 5x7, 7x10 and 11x14 will be displayed/priced in a manner easy to view, flip through.

Also available will be a selection of mid-size work on canvas, stretched  + un-stretched to peruse and large format work, all reduced from gallery pricing.