Remembering what is real.

As an Atheist, I rally and experience some joy this time of year. Let's hear it for religion. But in this Season of Joy there is sadness all around. Usually I can walk around feeling like I am the only one with issues. This time of year I know I am not special, sadness abounds. People desiring to make the best holiday ever and going into debt. The regret of not being able to buy the perfect gift for the one you love. We can't blame it totally but Thank you Madison Ave.

So what's the answer? Hopefully we have the clarity to ask ourselves that question. For me the answer is trying to remember what is real. WE only have ourselves and each other. Things are just things. This from someone who places a lot of hope in people buying things that nobody needs never.

My circle is small but I feel expansive love. I wish inner peace for all the sad people out there. I wish food and a pair of shoes for all the poor children in the world sifting through garbage for their next meal. I wish companionship for the elderly person who feels alone. I wish young people could look in the mirror and love what they see. I wish kids who are bullied get help and that bullies see the err of their ways. I wish that men would let women control their bodies and that the government would continue to do its job which in my view is to keep peace, help the needy and make sure our bridges don't crumble. I wish we could respect animals not for our amusement but as living creatures and the planet not as 'ours' but something we are fortunate to inhabit.  I wish to remember that I am not the only one and to look lovingly into the eyes of my man and kindly into the eyes of strangers, look up at the sky and the trees and marvel at the gorgeousness of it all. For me that's what's real.

P.S. Selfishly, because I am an artist after all, I wish to make my galleries, which have stood by me in spite of nil sales, I wish to make them rich. Is that so wrong? And most importantly I wish you Joy and Peace, All the days ahead.