Cataloging Work.

With an ever-growing group of work on paper, cataloging is critical. For social media and other forms of marketing and most of us  do it ourselves. Organization is key for a smooth photo shoot. The following guidelines work well for me. 

Clean hands.

Full charge, camera or phone. 

Paper and pencil for notes, tape, ruler.

Clearing a large table or workspace is advisable for groups of work. Water bottles w/ lids good, Coffee cups separate table. 

Setting up location and lighting to shoot  work preparing for different scales and orientations, horizontal, vertical format.  

I try to shoot three good images of each work editing as I go, deleting bad shots. This approach makes editing at a later date simpler as I've already deleted the bad. 





My work table.  

My work table.  

Keeping the workspace organized avoiding confusion is key to a smooth photo shoot. I am always tweaking the process trying things that make sense and save time. 

If anyone has any advice I'm all 👂s.