Artist Statement 

There are formulas that develop over time with picture making. I try to drive a wedge in the works when it occurs to me that I am doing the same thing. At which point I’m in unknown territory and the excitement of that state, without a net. Trusting that it will be okay is a tool I’ve developed, one I find invaluable, allowing me to be vulnerable with the hope that something good might happen in this process of letting go. 

Color relationships and subtleties of color interest me. The unforced, immediate moments keep the process fluid, the simplest means to an end. I use the Automatic Painting (see link) method in my process, I find it to be a great jumping off point. Art History and the contemporary Giants, feel omnipresent in the studio. The challenge is what to take, and what to leave.


Cade Tompkins Projects, Providence, RI. Flat File.

ARTSY Lawrence Fine Art + Cade Tompkins Projects Lawrence Fine Art

Perry, mainly self-taught resides in East Hampton & NYC. Born and raised in Providence, RI.  He took Evening Division Portraiture and Life Drawing at RISD, while working ten years as an Electrical Draftsman for an architectural engineering firm in Providence. 

In 1987, Perry entered the Providence Art Club's "Open Painting Show" winning the Milton Halladay prize for: "Bonnie, Portrait of a Woman." He worked weekly with a small group of RISD affiliated artists through his twenties. In 1989, he moved to NYC and continued drawing at The Spring St. Studio. In the mid-1990's He began splitting time between NYC and Eastern Long Island.  Today he makes mostly Abstract paintings.  



Memorial Sloan Kettering


2017    THE NATURE OF  -  Quogue Library,  Quogue, NY.

2017   REAL ABSTRACT  - The Gallery at Lillian August, Norwalk Ct.

2015    SUMMERTIME  -  ILLE Arts, Amagansett, NY.

2015    FOR THE ROSES  -  Elizabeth Dow Home, EH NY.

2009   LANDSCAPES  -   New Century Gallery, NY.

2008   INTERLUDE -  The Surface Library Gallery, EH, NY.


2018 IN THE CLOUD, Curated by Scott Bluedorn, Neoteric at KMGallery, Bridgehampton, NY

2018 The Small Abstract Show, Presented by Folioeast at Malia Mills, 55 Main St. East Hampton

2018   Old & New, A Group Show, Curated by Mark Perry, AshawaghHall, EH.

2018 51st Annual Springs Invitational, Curated by Scott Bluedorn.

2018   80th Annual Members Show, GUILD HALL, EH, NY

2017    50th Annual Springs Invitational, Ashawagh Hall, EH

2017    ALT EGOS,  Curated by Scott Bluedorn for CRUSH Curatorial, Amagansett, NY

2017    Forces of Nature, Ashawagh Hall, EH, NY.

2017    79TH Annual Members Show, GUILD HALL, EH NY 

2016     HOLIDAY SHOW,  ILLE Arts, Amagansett, NY.

2016    ZINEFEST,  ILLE Arts, Amagansett, NY.

2016    Lawrence Fine Art, East Hampton, NY.

2015    Zoya Tommy Gallery, TX.

2015   ZINEFEST,  ILLE Arts, Amagansett, NY. 

2015    ILLE Arts,  Amagansett, NY.

2013    ILLE Arts, Amagansett NY.

2013   SUMMER BREEZE,  Zoya Tommy Gallery, TX.  with DANVILLE CHADBOURNE

2013   Neoteric Fine Art Gallery, Amagansett, NY.

2012   ILLE Arts, Amagansett, NY.

2012   ILLE Arts, 216 Main Street, Amagansett NY. Studio Tour  

2012   I DIGRESS,  The Surface Library at Ashawaugh Hall, EH.

2010    The Surface Library Gallery, EH., NY.

2010    Ashawagh Hall, EH, NY

2010   Curated by James Kennedy, Ashawagh Hall, EH, NY.

2009   ART BAZAAR,  Lyons Wier Gallery, NY, NY.

2010    WIDE OPEN SHOW,  Brooklyn Waterfront Artists

2009   DIALOG 1, The Surface Library Gallery SYDNEY BUTCHKES + Mark Perry Curatot James Kennedy

2008 - LTV Station, Wainscott, NY. Curator: James Kennedy









2018 AAEH Open Studio Tour, Sept. 22 & 23

2018   1stdibs:

2017   ZINE FEST, Ille Arts, Amagansett, NY

2017    Amagansett Historical Association, Annual Show, Jackson Carriage House, Amagansett, NY.

2017    Mecox Gardens, Southampton, NY

2017    SAG HARBOR FLORIST, Sag Harbor, NY

2016    IFPDA 2016, Cade Tompkins Projects, RI

2016    Amagansett Historical Association, Annual.

2015    Artsy:

2015    Amagansett Historical Association, Annual.

2013   ArtHamptons, Bridgehampton, NY. Vogelsang Gallery

2014   Select Contemporary Art Fair NY. Zoya Tommy Gallery

2013   Houston Fine Art Fair, ‘HFAF’ Zoya Tommy Gallery

2013   ArtHamptons, Bridgehampton, NY. Vogelsang Gallery

2013   Affordable Art Fair, Metropolitan Pavilion, 125 W 18th St. NY.

2012   74th Annual Guild Hall Member Show

2011   73rd Annual Guild Hall Artist Member Show

2011   Affordable Art Fair NYC,  Surface Library Gallery   

2011   Nest Interiors, NY. Home Design

2010   Balasses House Antiques, Amagansett, NY.

2010   72nd Annual Guild Hall Artist Member Show

2010   Affordable Art Fair NY,  ART BAZAAR,  NY. 

2009   71st Annual Guild Hall Members Show

2009   High Line Open Studios

2008   Four-Handed Lift, B, HIV Law Project at Moti Hasson Gallery, NY. Curator: Almond Zigmund.

2008   70th Annual Guild Hall Artist Member Show